Our Solution

Along with our technology Partners, The Waste Transformers, BV based in Holland, we are on a mission to revolutionize waste management in Freetown in a way that is green, clean, entrepreneurial and smart. The Waste Transformer’s Proprietary technology allows everyone to create their own energy by transforming organic waste on-site, in installations housed in shipping containers, into green energy. No transportation. No CO2. We also recover the water and nutrients in the waste, and to give all of these back to the same site. It’s a game-changer that allows hospitals, industrial areas, airports and local communities, to power their future with good energy whilst realizing small-scale circular economies around something that would otherwise be wasted.


Clean alternative for 1 Million inhabitants

We provide a green, clean alternative for the 1million inhabitants in Freetown (each generating an average of .45 kg waste pp / day)

50% reduction in waste transmitted diseases

We target a 50% reduction in waste transmitted diseases: currently, of the top ten leading diseases in the Municipality, 7 are waste related.

Support to 10,500 Waste Collectors in Freetown

Support to 10,500 Waste Collectors in Freetown by providing them with opportunities to earn additional income through our waste sorting incentive scheme.

Save 45,000 in CO2

We will save 45 000 in CO2 (assuming a 368kg CO2 emission)

The Freetown Waste Transformers, SL LTD is an integrated Waste Management Solutions Provider with over 10 years of experience in the Waste Management Sector in Freetown

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